Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Evan, Viscount Tredegar Book Update

Many apologies for all those waiting for the biography of Evan Morgan. We should get some firm news soon about a publication date. Much new material (especially about Evan's activities during the Second World War) has been uncovered recently and I hope the wait will prove to be worthwhile.


dedalusgt said...

Dear Sir,
Four years ago, I bought in a bookstall in Nice a beautiful Oxford edition of Blake’s Poetical Works. Inside it, I found an ex-libris in which appears the name of Evan Morgan, a coat of arms with the motto “Si Deus Nobiscum Qui Contra Nos”, between the cross of the Malta Order (the same which I could recognize in a portrait of Evan Morgan at Tredegar) and the papal insignia (Morgan was a Chamberlain to Popes Benedict XV and Pius XI) . The dedication on the first page suggests it had been a present made to Evan Morgan in 1914. Is it possible the book belonged to Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar?
Thank you very much.

Paul Busby said...

Thanks for the message. Yes it is almost certain that the book you bought (and what a wonderful find it was!) belonged to Evan at one time. I would be most interested in the dedication. Who was it from?

The bookplate dates a few years later than the publication date of the book. Evan did not convert to catholicism until 1919.

A couple of years ago, several books from Evan Morgan's personal library were sold. Alas, and understandably, Newport City Council (the owners of Tredegar House) chose not to make a bid for them. These books appear to have been scattered now as the collection was broken up. Keep your eyes peeled in second hand bookshops!

Best Wishes


dedalusgt said...

What a surprise to discover the book belonged to a so interesting person! Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to read the dedication: “Evan Morgan With Every Good Wish From I (j?).H. v D.I (j?). I(J?)n(?)t(?)l(?)eur. 13th July 1914”. The dedication is almost clear, but the real problem are the two names as you can see. I suppose they were a couple, almost certainly a married couple, or two brothers or sisters: there are only their capital letters followed by a family name that I can’t interpret. Maybe, the date written below could be meaningful to discover their identity. I will take a picture of the ex-libris and the dedication. If you want I can send you it.

Paul Busby said...

Thank you. That is very kind of you. I would be interested to see it. The date certainly clears one thing up. It was a birthday present. July 13, 1914 was Evan Morgan's 21st birthday.

That evening he celebrated at a quite raucous party, the guests included Aldous Huxley and Augustus John.



andrea said...

dear A.Gatta
me too, as Paul can confirm, bought in Nice two books with the ex libris with the name of Evan Morgan! Perhaps we bought them at the same seller!!! andrea rossetti

E. Morgan said...

I am looking for some information about how to visit Tredegar House in December or who to contact to get this information. I will only be in Newport for one day, Monday the 15th. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

BONIFACE said...


I am a descendant of the Morgan;s of Tredgar through Thomas Morgan and Elizabeth Bodenham. Using some of the resources you have provided, and Welsh records, I see that the Morgans trace their genealogy back extremely far, into the first millennium. If you go far enough, people such as King Lear and other legendary persons appear in the genealogy. How far back is Morgan genealogy trustworthy? I suspected it was probably back to the time of Cadifor Fawr (c. 1080)that the family tree can be trusted, but I'm not sure about the stuff going back into the dark ages. What do you have to say about this?

Please respond to me at

Paul Busby said...

e. morgan - Alas, you find yourself in Newport during the close season at Tredegar House. If you are in the area on the evening of the 15th December, however, the House is open as part of the Christmas at Tredegar House event. First entry is at 6.30pm. Hopefully that isn't too late for you. Tickets can be purchased by calling 01633 656757

boniface - the Morgan tree does indeed stretch back to Cadifor Fawr and even to Hywel Dda. Where the line between fact and fiction becomes completely blurred is difficult to say. The Welsh bards (who of course were paid by the Morgans of Tredegar) gloriously embellished the Tredegar story. Some accounts claim the Morgans to be descended from leaders of the Silures tribe, from Caractacus himself, and from the second son of Noah.

Even the site of the current Tredegar House has myth and legend attached to it. In the late 16th century it was claimed that the word 'Tredegar' originally meant 'Settlement of Tegyr' and that 'Tegyr' was actually 'Teigr ap Tegonwy' "one of the knights linked to Arthur's Round Table."

You can see why I started my (much neglected) history of the Morgans of Tredegar where I did.

morgan-williams said...

Hi , has anyone heard of the right hon lady Flo, my family talk of her but solid facts are harder to come by .

Sue said...

Hi Paul,

I am writing a news letter for Llanwern Golf Club in which I hope to include some history of the club since very little is known of the early years. In 1934-38 the president was Lord Tredegar could you confirm whether this was Evan Morgan. In your research is there any reference at all to Llanwern Golf Club.
I look forward to your book when published
Many Thanks
Ruth Morris