Monday, September 17, 2012

Hush, Hush: The Peculiar Career of Lord Tredegar

One of the more intriguing characters in the long, colourful history of Tredegar House is its last occupant, the exotic Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar. As Aldous Huxley described him: "poet, painter, musician, aristocrat and millionaire. The unique fairy prince of modern life."

'Hush, Hush: The Peculiar Career of Lord Tredegar' has, in many ways, been twelve years in the making. Based on hundreds of letters and documents from the largest unpublished private archive of Evan material, and interviews with his friends and contemporaries, the book explores this extraordinary man's long-running ties with military intelligence, the Vatican, the early Nazi regime, various Royal Families, the occult underworld, and - not to forget - Polite Society, and begs to ask the question: Should we take this eccentric a bit more seriously?

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