Monday, August 13, 2007

Book On Tredegar House Servants In Pipeline

A book is currently being written by Samantha Lilygreen on 'Service at Tredegar House'. Building on research conducted by May Adcock (who brought so much material together), David Beevers, David Freeman, Laura Beresford and sundry others over the years, Samantha hopes to be able to publish, what should be, a fascinating look at 'Below Stairs' life at Tredegar in the early 20th century.

If anybody has any memories, letters, photographs, or simply wishes to learn more about this project, you can contact the author through this blog.

My talk at Treadwells was sadly cancelled due to the dreadful flooding that gripped parts of the nation. We hope to reschedule shortly.


Jon said...

Paul, I just discovered your blog tonight with some very interesting information as I was searching. I was able to trace my line back to Richard Rose (Rhys) Morgan who left tredegar, born 1630, son of William and grandson of Pillip but then the trail goes cold for me, I was wondering if you came across this line in your research. Great blog, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul, My uncle, who has been tracing history of Dolgoruky family for last years asked me to write some questions to you:
Do you know the date and place of death of Olga Sergeevna Dolgoruky, born on 30 April/12 Mai (julian Calender), 1915 in Petrograd, When did she exactly die in 1998? She married on March 13, 1939 Sir Evan Frederick Morgan, 4 Baron & 2 Vicomte Tredgar and divorced in 1943. What was the exact date? Do you have a copy of her death certificate?

Do you have marriage documents of Sir Evan Frederick Morgan who was born in London, on July 13, 1893 and Died: Honeywood House, Oakwood Hill, Dorking, Surrey April 27, 1949. He married Lois Stuart on April 21, 1928. When was she born? And when did she die? Was it in Budapest in 1937?
He also married (13.03.1939, Singapur) Olga Princess Dolgoruky. Do you know the date and place of they divorce in 1943?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Marcin, said...

Just as John is I am interested in the Morgan line in the 1600's. I believe I am also a decendent of william Morgan thru son Miles Morgan who traveled to America in 1636. do you have any information on this time frame?
Mendy Reed

Joe McCann said...

Isaac Seaborn.

Have you any details in your book on the above who worked at Tredegar house in the late 19c. The Nizam of Hyderabad visited and was impressed by young Seaborn and took him back to India as his Steward?