Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Servant's Evening Is Upon Us!

All is set for the first Servant's Evening tomorrow night. The ticket sales have been quite healthy (with a few tickets already being snapped up for the September event) and we should have people there with family connections to a Tredegar House footman, a seamstress, Park Keeper, Game Keeper, Home Farm worker, and gardener, among others. Hopefully the weather will stay reasonably nice enabling us to wander around the formal gardens and take a look at the Stables and Riding School as well as the House itself.

Last minute tickets are still available for tomorrow evening (6pm start) and any information can be found by giving Tredegar House a ring on (01633) 815880

For those of you who have visited Tredegar House before but have never had chance to delve into the unrestored parts of the House (including the Nursery Wing, Attics, and cavernous cellars) Unexplored Tredegar tours return on Saturday, at 1pm, and 3pm; again, give the House a ring to book tickets.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to contact you this way, but I couldn't find an email address. Do you know of any genealogical lik or site that can show a connection between Cadifor Fawr and Hywel Dda? I have heard they were related but haven't been able to find anything. Can you help?

Paul Busby said...

Hello. The family tree compiled for Evan, Viscount Tredegar in the 1930s shows a link between Cadifor Fawr and Hywel Dda. I'm not sure how accurate it is. Parts of that family tree show surprising discrepencies.

A facsimile of this (in scroll form) is available from the Tredegar House Visitors Centre, and, the last time I checked, was quite inexpensive. (£2 in a sale, but don't quote me on that!)

Give Tredegar House a ring on (01633) 815880.

Also, you can reach me via email on

Hope that helps a bit

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