Monday, February 09, 2009

Murder Mystery (Feb 13th)

There may still be a chance to pick up last minute tickets for the latest Tredegar House Murder Mystery. Give the House a ring (01633 815880) for more details.

Who wouldn't want to see in the Valentine's Day weekend with a grisly murder, in the presence of such vivid characters (and potential murderers) as the poet Evan Morgan, his sister Gwyneth, that star of stage and screen, the Hon. Lois Sturt, the occultist-for-hire Meredith Starr, and, topping it all off, the quite remarkable Marchesa Casati?

Tredegar House murder mystery evening, Friday 13 February.

'Cupid's Poisoned Arrow'

Are they the perfect couple, or is their marriage a perfect sham? Are they, as some believe, the reincarnation of Romeo and Juliet or is the truth far more sinister? And just who was it that shot the late Lord Tredegar through the heart with a golden arrow?

A perfect way to spend Friday 13, and see in the Valentines weekend. Interrogate the characters in the sumptuous state rooms at Tredegar House then retire to the Morgan Room to deliberate over a three course meal for only £30


Anonymous said...

Sir Henry Morgan (1635-88) reputedly born locally at nearby Llanrumney Hall, Cardiff is at last receiving recognition as a great military leader and strategist. Acting upon authorised Letters of Marque serving both the Commonwealth and King Charles II, Morgan greatly benefited the wealth of the British Nation in the 17thc, he also irrefutably changed the geography of the
New World. It could even be argued that if it hadn't been for Sir Henry, a greater percentage of North America might be speaking Spanish rather than English today.

I would like to know please if there is any statue or monument to Sir Henry Morgan anywhere in Newport or Cardiff?

Thank You.

Paul Busby said...

There is no statue or monument to Sir Henry Morgan in Newport or Cardiff alas. The closest you will get is his portrait (as a young man) which hangs on the wall of the Brown Room at Tredegar House.

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