Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unexplored Tredegar Starts Today

The doorway to the Receiving Cellar, which contains a natural spring guarded by remarkable stone heads, and a very curious soda water bottling plant. It is an odd tour!

The 'Unexplored' tours start today. I attempted to wander around on my own yesterday, running the tour through in my head, and checking my timing, but got waylaid, and ended up hunting for a tunnel instead! All will become clear on the tour.

Stephen Sully, the Tredegar House Admin Officer, was a huge help in compiling this tour. He has a great knowledge and understanding of the 'unexplored' parts of the House, and was invaluable (and patient) as I pestered him for his ideas, and his recollections of how things looked in the 1970s when he first started working at Tredegar.

But despite our combined efforts, there are still many things that puzzle us. Hopefully visitors will have some ideas of their own. There is more detective work to be done.


Nina Baldwin said...

We had the best of all very best times on the unexplored tour yesterday!! Such a HUGE thrill to get to go where Dr Who was filmed!! And so fascinating for our first experience of Tredegar to be of all its least seen bits!! A real treat!! We will definitely have to come back again and see the posh bit!!

new(ish) Sam said...

Can't wait to do one of these tours!

Paul Busby said...
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Paul Busby said...

Thank you very much Nina. I'm so glad you enjoyed the tour. It was good fun to do. You came on the very first day of 'Unexplored Tredegar' and I was a little apprehensive (the last time I did a similar tour was four or five years ago, and then it wasn't on this scale), but they seemed to go very well.

You really must come back to the house to see the posh bits, especially since you are such a huge Doctor Who fan: there is still the New Hall (Prime Minister's Office) and the Gilt Room (a room used by Madame de Pompidour) to see!

Hope you enjoy the tour when you come on it Sam!

Andrew said...

We did the unexplored tour yesterday having done the "posh bit" a few months ago. It was fascinating.

It's great that the house still has some mysteries, such as the stairs-to-nowhere and tunnel (or lack of).

Although more recent, the architect's office (a snapshot in time from 1983) should be preserved. It made us feel like we'd travelled back in time.
But without the use of a Tardis!

The tour was also nicely delivered. Thanks!

Paul Busby said...

Glad you enjoyed it Andrew and thanks a lot for coming along.

The possible tunnel is something that needs to be followed up I think. Where is Tony Robinson and his geo-phys machine when you need him?

I also hope they keep the Architect's Office as it is. 1983 is history too!