Thursday, April 13, 2006

See You Monday!

The Friends of Tredegar House celebrated their 25th anniversary with a dinner held in the Morgan Room at Tredegar House last night. The main speaker was David Freeman, ex-curator of the House, who played a prominent part in the establishment of the Friends organisation all those years ago.

I think it is vital to kick-start the new season with a decent attendance at the Medieval Day on Easter Monday. I shall be there, so please come up and say hello if you get the chance. The readership of this blog always intrigues me. I have received e-mails from so many people, from so many different parts of the world, it is wonderful to know that Tredegar House still captures the imagination of so many.


New Sam said...

Hey Paul, we had a lady who lives or has lived, not sure which, in Plas Machen on a tour yesterday.
I just wanted to ask her a million questions about her house!

Paul Busby said...

Hello Sam. Hope the Tour Guide training is going well.

I will have to post an article on the other Morgan homes like Plas Machen and Ruperra Castle (which I know you are also familiar with) soon.

It would have been interesting to chat to that lady. It reminds me of the time when we were doing a Murder Mystery at Tredegar House a few years ago. I was playing the role of one of the suspects: John Morgan of Machen.

A couple came up and asked me where I lived. I told them 'Plas Machen'.

They replied: "No you don't, we do!"

They were the current owners! In fact, it might have been the same lady you met yesterday.

Anonymous said...

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